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Our Approach supports your team to lead with Emotional Intelligence(EQ), equipping each individual with effective self- management skills, building resilience, and understanding change management to drive results.

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Leadership Program with Emotional Intelligence

“CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise – and fired for lack of Emotional Intelligence.” (Daniel Goleman). To lead people effectively, one has to lead themselves first, and that involves connecting more with your inner self, understanding your thinking model, recognizing your decision-making patterns and your drive, which allows you to develop continuously. The program is a competency-based model in which leaders showcase and facilitate their leadership skills that shape organizational culture, bridge boundaries, and foster best practices. 

What Our Clients Say

Dr. Nouf Al Moussa -  Professor of Nuclear Science MIT

'Based on my experience in the program so far, I will go beyond just recommending the program. I see it as a unique opportunity to accelerate my leadership development journey. Attending leadership and management courses at world top schools like M.I.T and Harvard. I see this leadership program unique in the sense that it is all about me! It is driven by my individual needs where the leadership expert assesses my leadership capabilities and takes me to that next level'

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