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Leading Through Crisis

In times of uncertainty, it is difficult to predict when a crisis would take place. The Crisis Management program offers a practical guided model of leading your organization in times of crisis. Using our Crisis Management Canvas Model and real industry case studies, you will learn how to identify risks, take appropriate actions and measures before, during, and after critical times, ascertain facts, and understand effective communication methods to build and maintain trust with multiple stakeholders. 


The program was two years in the making as it researched how actual Industry leaders reacted to crises then reverse-engineered their approaches into a training and development program fused in psychology.

Program Outline: 

Module 1


The module offers an overview of crisis definition and types. It addresses different team structures and dynamics and prioritizing tools, methods, and strategies. Building on this knowledge presents an array of psychological models to support self–awareness, and clarity. 

Module 2


Respond in a timely manner and ready your team for press releases and media coverage to effectively engage with and address stakeholders in times of crisis. Formulate and implement strategies to sustain your company’s interests and turn potential threats into competitive opportunities.

Module 3

Continuity of Operation

Demonstrate a deeper understanding of commercial awareness to establish continuity of operations. Transform your learning to create an environment for adaptive thinking to produce proactive solution-based models to keep the business moving while managing the crisis.

Module 4


Explore hidden traps of prolonged crises. Gain the tools, frameworks, and leadership types and know how to use them during crises to manage risk, overcome barriers and avoid business shutdown proactively.

Module 5


Develop short, medium, and long-term action plans and prepare potential crisis management ready to execute a model that suits your organizations' circumstances and context. Infuse both Reflections from lessons learned through previous experience and newly acquired knowledge to design your organization's Crisis Management Plan.