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Leadership Program with Emotional Intelligence

“CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise – and fired for lack of Emotional Intelligence.” (Daniel Goleman). To lead people effectively, one has to lead themselves first, and that involves connecting more with your inner self, understanding your thinking model, recognising your decision-making patterns and your drive, which allows you to develop continuously. The program is a competency-based model in which leaders showcase and facilitate their leadership skills that shape organizational culture, bridge boundaries, and foster best practices.

Program Outline: The Leadership Wheel Competencies

Module 1

Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

 “Every decision we make, even the most logical of decisions, is based on our emotions. It only makes sense that we should develop our emotional literacy”. (Carl Garner - Creator of Emotional Intelligence Mapping Concept.) Explore Emotional Intelligence and Value-Driven leadership to better develop your leadership attributes by using your emotions and core values as data sources.   

Module 2

Organisational Management

Explore the Fundamentals of Organisational Management, including understanding the importance of a shared organisation purpose. Harness your decision-making skills, including taking calculated risks, evaluating options accurately, assigning priorities, and successfully leading organisational change.  

Module 3

Communicating Effectively

 Leading growth through experimentation; Learn the importance of development and provide adequate opportunities for growth to empower individuals while adopting a leading and managing upwards growth culture within the organisation. Using the psychology of empathy, draw on emotional awareness to have difficult conversations and use feedback effectively. 

Module 4

Commercial Awareness

Explore different people, processes, and system strategies across the organization. Identify behaviors required to inspire others and align people to market needs as well as organizational outcomes.

Module 5

Morals and Ethics

Explore the roles of corporate and organisational purpose through public service, organisational cultures and collaboration. Lead your teams to understand ethics as integral components of addressing individual and organisational ethical differences and dilemmas. 

Module 6


Explore essential fundamental blocks of strong relationships and increase engagement within your team. Learn the principles of coaching and mentoring, use these principles to empower your team to lead with more clarity and conviction, achieve organisational vision alignment, and shape a culture of high-performing teams. 

Module 7

Developing People

Understand how using positive leadership practices can improve your leadership capabilities and build relationships to work more effectively across boundaries to build strategic ties and gain new perspectives. Explore new ways of approaching challenges and overcoming obstacles in your professional context. 

Module 8

Complex Reasoning

Using our 5 Brain Thinking research and leadership psychology, you will learn to think, act, and influence strategically. Complex reasoning is about understanding your team and creating direction, alignment, and fostering commitment to change.